Those Nights at Rachel's 2

And to think your job before was hard enough...

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Those Nights at Rachel's may appear very similar to the cult favorite Five Nights at Freddy's series at a quick glance, but it trades in the passive gameplay, immobility, and survival horror aspects of the original series in favor of something more closely resembling a traditional first person shooter. The result is a game that should appeal to people who love the art style and ambiance of Five Nights at Freddy's but are looking for something new. And with multiple games in the FNAF series and few alterations to the core formula, that presents a refreshing change of pace.

While Those Nights at Rachel's 2 isn't an officially sanctioned member of the FNAF series, it was originally imagined as a fan game, and the connections here are very strong. The original game followed the Freddy's formula to a tee, but Rachel's 2 does a decent job of building off its own mythology rather than feeling just like a clone of an existing series, and it manages to develop its own sense of personality in the process. There's a metatextual layer of the game here, as you're charged with serving as the beta tester for a virtual reality game. That has allowed the developers to rely on the same cast of horrifying animatronic creatures while scaling up the amount of monsters you encounter in any given night. Just like its inspiration, the story here is largely implied and shadowed in mystery, but developer Nikson has worked hard to weave mythology into the setting and has even packed the game with over 20 endings.

Finding all of those endings could keep players occupied for some time, but those looking for more two do will find two different game modes to play with. The story mode follows a linear campaign, but beating it unlocks endless mode, which allows you to see how long you can last about endless waves of enemies.

That won't be easy either. Those Nights at Rachel's 2 is as much a survival game as it is a shooter. While the fundamentals of a first person shooter are in place here, the mechanics themselves aren't that much to write home about. What really makes the game special is in its addition of tower defense components. You'll need to scavenge through the map to find ammunition and weapons and be careful to make them last against increasingly aggressive waves of enemies. There's clear inspiration from influences like the Zombies mode of Call of Duty, in that learning the maps and determining the best routes to entry for your opposition is critical to success. Those Nights at Rachel's 2 is a fan game, and it shows. Most of the assets are borrowed from the FNAF franchise, but it offers a new spin on he formula that feels like a breath of fresh air.


  • Tons of content for players to dig through
  • Survival components break up the monotony of combat


  • Largely fails at finding its own identity
  • Maneuverability is largely limited

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